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with Jesus

Lectionary Essays for the year 2024.

Date Posted Lectionary Essay Title Author
Other Ways of Speech Dan Clendenin
The Peace Dove Dan Clendenin
Ascending with Christ Michael Fitzpatrick
Everyone Born of God Overcomes the World Michael Fitzpatrick
We Love Because He First Loved Us Michael Fitzpatrick
Liberated From Death to Life Michael Fitzpatrick
Destroying the Devil's Work Michael Fitzpatrick
The Word of Life Michael Fitzpatrick
We Have This Hope Dan Clendenin
The Last Week Dan Clendenin
Loud Cries and Tears Dan Clendenin
Grace Abounding Dan Clendenin
Lenten Disruption Dan Clendenin
What the Monks Know Dan Clendenin
The Most Honest Day of the Year (Dave Testing) Dan Clendenin
The Most Honest Day of the Year Dan Clendenin
The Transfiguration: Outrageous and Egregious Dan Clendenin
God Never Grows Weary Dan Clendenin
Test the Spirits Dan Clendenin
The Good News of God Dan Clendenin
Held by His Love Dan Clendenin

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