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All reviews are by Daniel B. Clendenin except as noted.


Amy Chua World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability
Paul Collier The Bottom Billion; Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done About It
The Plundered Planet; Why We Must — and How We Can — Manage Nature for Global Prosperity
William Easterly The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good
Paul Farmer Pathologies of Power; Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor
Thomas L. Friedman Hot, Flat, and Crowded; Why We Need a Green Revolution —and How It Can Renew America
The World is Flat; A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
Douglas A. Hicks Money Enough; Everyday Practices for Living Faithfully in the Global Economy
World Resources Institute Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Synthesis. A Report of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Michael Lewis The Big Short; Inside the Doomsday Machine
Roger Lowenstein The End of Wall Street
Judith M. Dean, Julie Schaffner, and Stephen L.S. Smith, editors,  Attacking Poverty in the Developing World; Christian Practitioners and Academics in Collaboration
Bill McKibben Deep Economy; The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future
Eaarth; Making a Life on a Tough New Planet
Robyn Meredith The Elephant and the Dragon; The Rise of India and China and What It Means for All of Us
Jeffrey Sachs Common Wealth; Economics for a Crowded Planet
The End of Poverty; Economic Possibilities for Our Time
Michael J. Sandel What Money Can't Buy; The Moral Limits of Markets
David Shipler The Working Poor; Invisible in America
Gabriel Thompson Working in the Shadows; A Year of Doing the Jobs [Most] Americans Won't Do
Muhammad Yunus Banker to the Poor; Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty
Creating a World Without Poverty; Social Business and the Future of Capitalism

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