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Conversations for year 2021.

Date Posted Conversation Title Author
January 3, 2021 Pathologies of our Pandemic: An Interview with Paul Farmer Dan Clendenin
February 7, 2021 Echoes of Ebola: An Interview with Paul Farmer Dan Clendenin
March 7, 2021 Hope is Our Superpower: An Interview with Bryan Stevenson Dan Clendenin
April 4, 2021 Makoto Fujimura on Faith and Art (Part 1) Dan Clendenin
May 2, 2021 Makoto Fujimura: Artists as Catalysts (Part 2) Dan Clendenin
June 6, 2021 Hank Greely on Gene-edited Humans Dan Clendenin
July 4, 2021 Robert Chao Romero on the Brown Church Dan Clendenin
August 1, 2021 Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on the Black Church Dan Clendenin
September 5, 2021 Richard Rothstein on "The Color of Law" Dan Clendenin
October 3, 2021 Karla Cornejo Villavicencio on Undocumented Americans Dan Clendenin
November 7, 2021 Anne Harrington on the Troubles with Psychiatry Dan Clendenin
December 5, 2021 Julie Rodgers on Queer Christian Survival Dan Clendenin

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