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with Jesus

Celtic morning prayer

I will build up my fire today in the presence of the holy angels of heaven, in the presence of Airil of most beautiful form, in the presence of Uiril of all beauty without hate, without envy, without rivalry, without fear, without horror of anyone under the sun, for I have the holy Son of God as my sanctuary. O God, enkindle in my inmost heart the flaming spark of love for my enemy, for my relative, for my friends, for the wise person, for the foolish person, for the unfortunate person, O son of gentle shining Mary, from the lowest most perverse person to the one of highest fame.

From Calvin Miller, The Path of Celtic Prayer (Downers Grove: IVP, 2007), p. 30. A woman arises to build her morning fire, and prays to experience the fire of God's love for every person she might meet that day.

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