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Christopher Harvey (1597–1663)

From The School of the Heart

The whole round world is not enough to fill
The heart's three corners, but it craveth still;
None but the Trinity, who made it, can
Suffice the vast triangulated heart of man.

"Christopher Harvey (1597–1663) was an English clergyman and poet. In 1647 Harvey issued anonymously Schola Cordis, or the Heart of it Selfe gone away from God; brought back againe to him; and instructed by him. In 47 Emblems; 2nd edition 1664; 3rd edition 1675. The volume has on the title-page "By the Author of the Synagogue". The emblems were adapted from Benedictus van Haeften's Schola Cordis. This work was a free adaptation, with the engravings made freshly and reversed. It was later reissued as The School of the Heart, and wrongly attributed to the poet Francis Quarles. ---Adapted from Wikipedia"

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