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with Jesus

From: Songs of the Logos


2. God’s Annunciation

They thought God would refuse.
He always had before.
To the Jews he was silent
as a glass of cold water,
that is, until he bent
to hear his own daughter.
Like Merlin and Vivian, so shrewd,
one could not tell the difference
between the wooer and the wooed.
She, the young plant, broke his indifference.
He never saw his hand in her making.
She was so perfect, so herself, so still,
that she made his heart thrill
for his own out-breaking.
Then God said yes—suffused
by love’s deep aching.
(Did God get confused
as we, at his first lovemaking?)
But in the end, nothing was able
to come between us and him.
God became impregnable,
and Mary soared like the seraphim.


Pamela Cranston © 2019. Pamela Cranston, Searching for Nova Albion, (Wipf & Stock Publishers, Eugene, OR), 2019, p. 98.

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