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with Jesus

Jack Brown
Olivet, Michigan

“Isaiah 9:2-6”
Can be sung to Tune: “O Waly Waly” also known as “The Water is Wide”

For unto us a child is born
And unto us a son is giv’n;
A world of gloom, so dark, forlorn,
Now sees a dawn, new light has ris’n.

He has a name, it’s Wonderful;
He makes us more than we have been;
In truth and grace Christ makes us whole;
In Him we find our lives redeemed.

As Counselor Christ leads and guides;
He shepherds us, our lives restores;
In darkest days He’s at our side;
From lowest depths our spirit soars.

As Mighty God, Christ oversees
The ways we go, the paths we take;
He gives us strength and hope-filled peace;
He helps and guides for His name’s sake.

With Father-love Christ helps us stand;
We often slip and sometimes fall;
He gives us aid by His strong hand;
He does what’s best to lift us all.

Our Prince of Peace comes now to bless
Our lives and needs with daily grace;
To calm our fears and grant us rest -
Christ with us in all we face.

This little one grew up to show
The heart of God in man enfleshed;
In Christ we see, by Him we know,
The love of God by which we’re blessed.

So let us praise God more and more
For Christ in us, who loves and frees:
He’s Wonderful, our Counselor,
The Mighty God and Prince of peace.

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