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with Jesus

A Prayer by George Macleod
Iona Community, Scotland

Almighty God …

Sun behind all suns, 

soul within all souls …

Show to us in everything we touch and in everyone we meet 

the continued assurance of thy presence round us,

lest ever we should think thee absent.

In all created things thou art there.

In every friend we have

the sunshine of thy presence is shown forth.

In every enemy that seems to cross our path, 

thou art there within the cloud 

to challenge us to love.

Show to us the glory in the grey.

Awake for us thy presence in the very storm 

till all our joys are seen as thee

and all our trivial tasks emerge as priestly sacraments 

in the universal temple of thy love.

George MacLeod, The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory: Iona Prayers (Wild Goose Publications: Glasgow), New edition 2007, 13–14.

George MacLeod (1895–1991) was one of the most important and unconventional ministers of the Church of Scotland in his day. His military service in World War I profoundly impacted his life, and shaped his lifelong commitments to pacifism, social justice, and ecumenism. Most notably, he founded the Iona Community on the island of the same name.   

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