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with Jesus

Juliana of Norwich (1342–1416)

God is Our Mother

Thus Jesus Christ who does good for evil is our true mother;
we have our being from him where the ground of motherhood begins,
with all the sweet protection of love which follows eternally.
God is our mother as truly as he is our father;
and he showed this in everything,
and especially in the sweet words where he says,
‘It is I’, that is to say,
‘It is I: the power and goodness of fatherhood.
It is I: the wisdom of motherhood.
It is I: the light and the grace which is all blessed love.
It is I: the Trinity.
It is I: the unity.
I am the sovereign goodness of all manner of things.
It is I that make you love.
It is I that make you long.
It is I: the eternal fulfilment of all true desires.’

From Revelations of Divine Love. Julian of Norwich was an English mystic and anchoress of the Middle Ages. Her writings, now known as Revelations of Divine Love, are the earliest surviving English language works by a publicly-authored woman. They are also the only surviving English language works by an anchoress. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican communion regard Julian as a saint.

Michael Fitzpatrick 

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