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Anomalisa (2016)Anomalisa (2016)

Not long into this movie by Charlie Kaufman you notice something strange — all the characters look alike, act alike, and sound alike, just like the main character, Michael Stone.  That's because they are all "stop action" puppets, and this is an animated film with just three voices for all the characters.  Stone is a self-help, motivational speaker, and author of the book How May I Help You Help Them?  Think, "your call is very important to us."  On a business trip to a customer service convention in Cincinnati, he begins to have a breakdown when he practices his speech.  Then, he meets a homely girl with a scar on her face named Lisa, who has driven "all the way from Akron" to hear Stone.  She's an emotional anomaly to Stone, she has her own real voice, and they connect.  He's captivated by Lisa and calls her his "Anomalisa."  The film is a creative commentary on modern loneliness.  The movie won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.

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