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Sand Dollars (2014) — Dominican RepublicSand Dollars (2014) — Dominican Republic

Twenty-something Noeli, a lithe Dominican, just wants to get ahead.  She's a master manipulator.  At least three times in this film she hits people for money. Ann, a matriarchal French woman on the island, is getting older in body and mind.  She's palpably needy.  When a fellow ex-pat asks her, "where do you want to go?" she's silent.  It's not exactly clear that Noeli and Ann fall in love, for Noeli has a local boyfriend named Yeremi by whom she gets pregnant and with whom she has "a plan" regarding Ann — namely, to get a passport off the island and then to send money back to him.  Only in the last few minutes of the film do we learn whether Noeli will stay with Yeremi or leave with Ann. Sand Dollars premiered at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival, and was the Dominican Republic's selection for the 2016 Academy Awards for best foreign film.  In Spanish with English sub-titles. I watched this film on Amazon streaming video.

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