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Keith Richards: Under the Influence (2015)Keith Richards: Under the Influence (2015)

You don't learn much about Keith Richards (b. 1943) in this 80-minute documentary film.  There's little about his personal life, his heroin abuse, or his fellow Stoners Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, and Brian Jones.  For that bigger picture, there's his recent autobiography called Life (2010).  What you do learn, though, is probably the most important thing about him — his absolute love of music.  Rolling Stone magazine lists Richards as #4 on its list of 100 greatest guitarists.  What I found most interesting was to hear Richards describe his deep roots in American folk, jazz, blues, and country music, especially the influences of Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters.  As you would expect, the film includes some nostalgic archival footage and photos, but the best part was to watch Richards' jam sessions down to this day.  I watched this film on Netflix Streaming, where it debuted the day that Richards released his first solo album in twenty years ("Crosseyed Heart").

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