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Bite Size (2014)Bite Size (2014)

This 90-minute docu-drama tackles our national epidemic of childhood obesity by following four middle schoolers who are trying to lose weight.  Two of the children are from the "fattest and poorest" state of Mississippi — Davion, who is already diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (like every member of his family), and who dearly wants to play on the football team; and KeAnna, who with her buddies joins a school program.  Moy is from a middle class Hispanic family in east LA, and Emily is from an upper middle class family in Florida that has cashed out their life savings and IRA to send her to a weight loss camp.  It's easy to say that diet, exercise, and nutrition are the keys to weight loss, and that obesity is preventable, but all four children face a "lifelong struggle" with the "living nightmare" of food addiction.  For another cinematic take on this problem see the movie Fed Up (2014).  I watched this film on Amazon Streaming.

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