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Tim's Vermeer (2014)Tim's Vermeer (2014)

           This self-indulgent documentary about the inventor Tim Jenison explores an interesting question about the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer (1632 –1675). Vermeer's photo-realistic paintings pop off the canvass with their light and attention to detail. Jenison has a theory about the controversy about how Vermeer did that. So he paints a copy of a Vermeer painting, and lots of this film makes us watch him as he takes 200 days to do so, which was about as exciting as watching paint dry. When he saw his own finished product, he cried on camera. Jenison is a quixotic tech titan with enough money and a private jet for his six-year project. He flies to Holland to soak up Vermeer's vibe, then on to a private audience with the Queen of England to view a single Vermeer. But he might be on to something when he expands on the theories of the British artist David Hockney who has proposed that Vermeer painted with the help optical lenses (Jenison thinks it was a small mirror on a stick). In the final scene, Jenison poses with his own painting that now hangs in his bedroom.

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