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The Way (2011)The Way (2011)

           Tom (Martin Sheen) is a soulless suburbanite from California who travels to France to recover the body of his son Daniel (Emilio Estevez), who died while hiking the medieval pilrimmage Way of Saint James. Before leaving, a priest asks Tom if he'd like to pray, to which he replies, "Why?" Observant hikers in France ask, "you're not a pilgrim, are you?" Well, Tom becomes an unwitting pilgrim in the sense of "spiritual but not religious." He carries the cremated remains of Daniel along the Way of Saint James, spreading his ashes along the 500-mile trail. He attracts three others pilgrims, none of whom enjoy any character development: Joost, a loudmouth from Holland who's trying to lose weight; Sarah, a cynic from Canada who's trying to quit smoking; and Jack from Ireland, who suffers writer's block. There are campfire discussions about who constitutes a "real" pilgrim, all of them superficial. And there's an omnipresent product placement for Northface. The director Emilio Estevez dedicates the film to his grandfather, and casts his father, Martin Sheen, as the star. The only one missing is brother Charlie Sheen.

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