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The Social Network (2010)The Social Network (2010)

This docudrama about the founding of what was originally called "The Facebook" has viewers wondering what parts of it are history and what parts are fiction. The main part of the movie, though, is a matter of the public record about the lawsuits between Mark Zuckerberg and his best friend at Harvard Eduardo Severin (who supplied an early algorithm and financial support), and between Zuckerberg and the identical twins Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss (who claimed Zuckerberg stole their idea from their own website called Harvard Connection). At the end of the film, a young legal intern gives Zuckerberg some wise advise — settle the lawsuits no matter how expensive, because no jury would be very unsympathetic toward his abrasive personality and to the cocaine-fueled binges in which Facebook was founded. Besides, she says, with 500 million users and a $50 billion valuation, for Zuckerberg it would barely count as a "speeding ticket."

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