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The Grocer's Son (2008) — France The Grocer's Son (2008) — France

Antoine is a 30-year-old slacker who lives in Paris and is "between jobs." He fancies that by leaving home ten years earlier he had escaped his parent's lives as country bumpkins. But when his father takes ill, and his brother is too busy with his hair salon, Antoine returns home with his friend Claire to help his mother with their tiny general store. Back in Paris, his friend Hassan had advised Antoine that he "lacked the human touch." The gist of this film is how he reconnects with his own self, with Claire, with his family, and even with the shut-ins and pensioners of the French countryside. One customer "pays" for his can of peas with eggs. Another advises him that his father was gruff but that he always took her to get her hair done. Others want to run a tab and pay when they can. Many are hard of hearing and can't do the arithmetic to pay. Eventually, Antoine comes to respect these aging customers who depend on him, and to enjoy the life of his father that he had previously spurned. In French with English subtitles.

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