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Take Me Home (2011)Take Me Home (2011)

           Dreams die hard for both Thom and Claire in New York City. They are two people in pain. He's a Wall Street failure who longs to be a photographer but drives an illegal taxi to survive. He also just got evicted from his apartment. She caught her husband with a girl named Candy, then got a call from her mom that her dad in California had a heart attack. Claire and Thom become an unlikely pair when she asks him to drive her to California to see her dad, whom she hasn't seen in twenty years. They skimp and scam their way from coast to coast, wary at first but then, yes, falling in love. This is a fun romantic comedy with a few twists and turns, fit for Friday night film fluff, and with some good reminders about the journey to "home" and just what that does and doesn't mean.

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