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Sketches of Frank Gehry (2005)Sketches of Frank Gehry (2005)

In this documentary by his friend Sydney Pollack we meet Frank Gehry (b. 1929), winner of the Pritzker Prize (1989) and controversial rebel rule-breaker in the world of architecture. We also meet colleagues in his firm who contribute to his deconstructionist designs, clients, business executives Mike Eisner and Barry Diller, artists, musicians, a dissenting critic from Princeton, and even Gehry's therapist of thirty years, all of whom comment on Gehry's life and work. I especially enjoyed the considerable time spent in Gehry's studio watching the artistic process unfold with paper models, computer simulations, pen sketches, and so forth. A beautiful sound track accompanies a cinematic tour of his notorious creations around the world, including his signature piece, the titanium-covered Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Critics complain that his work is perverse, tortured, ugly, and dissonant, but most people acknowledge the remarkable genius of a man from a poor Jewish family who early in his life drove a truck for two years.

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