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Religulous (2008)Religulous (2008)

Every once in a while a truly bad movie comes along. This is one of them. Bill Maher interviews a couple dozen adherents of religion with the goal of making them look stupid. He employs tomahawk journalism and condescending sarcasm, edits the interviews to suit his purpose, and chooses easy targets, like an evangelist who claims to be Jesus, an actor who plays Jesus at a theme park, and a "Cannabis Ministry" in Amsterdam. Sure, there are a few funny moments, but Maher mainly succeeds in looking horribly smug. When he tries to be personal and explore his own religious views, as when he interviews his mother, we learn nothing interesting. When he tries to be serious, as when he interviews a Vatican astronomer or Francis Collins, head of the Genome Project and an outspoken Christian, Maher looks like a badly uninformed and unprepared eighth grader trying to impress his teacher. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, at the end of the film Maher intones with utmost seriousness, "for mankind to survive, religion must end." Okay, thanks for that amazing insight. This is a mockumentary mashup.

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