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Ratatouille (2007)Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille is a French dish of stewed vegetables that plays a delicious role in resolving the plot of this movie, thanks to a remarkable rat called Remy. Remy is a quintessential foodie. He raids shelves for saffron, picks fresh mushrooms, and watches his favorite chef on television, Auguste Gusteau, the deceased owner of the famous Parisian restaurant of the same name. But there's heat in that famous French kitchen after it's taken over by a new, very mean, owner after a bad review. Much to the horror of the new owner, Skinner, did Gusteau really leave the restaurant to his son and dish washer, Linguini? What will become of the romance between Linguini and the sous chef Collete? Will Remy ever reconcile with his family who can't understand why he's not satisfied to eat out of the garbage and serve them as their poison checker? Will the humans ever accept a rat in the kitchen? What will that imperious food critic, Anton Ego, think of Remy's dish of ratatouille? And just how will Remy, Collete and Linguini live happily ever after? Grab the family one Friday night, pop some popcorn, and tee up this great film to find out.

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