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Rachel Getting Married (2008)Rachel Getting Married (2008)

Rachel is getting married, but the unfortunate center of attention is her sister Kym (Anne Hathaway). Kym has a weekend pass from her residential rehab program, and when she comes home she ignites the flames of family dysfunctions — sarcasm and sibling rivalry, manipulation and negotiation, control and co-dependence, shame and blame, fight and flight, and most everyone spinning their best: "Everything's going to be perfect," Rachel's mother Abby (Debra Winger) assures her. It's not, of course, far from it, but as the movie evolves we begin to realize that's okay. Two very long scenes add a deeply human touch to the film — the rehearsal dinner with corny jokes, heartfelt stories and well-wishing by a mix of families and friends that only a wedding can muster, and then the wedding itself on a rainy day that can't dampen the genuine celebration. Natural lighting, the absence of any music track, and hand held cameras give the film the feel of a wedding home movie that might easily be about our very own families.

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