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Prince of Broadway (2008)Prince of Broadway (2008)

           Lucky is an illegal immigrant from Ghana who hustles fake designer goods in the wholesale fashion district of Manhattan: "Everything you need, I got it all! Gucci. Prada. Coach. Everything!" His boss Levon is an Armenian-Lebanese who married for a green card, and whose store conceals a back room where the counterfeit goods are sold. One day Lucky's former Latina girlfriend named Linda thrusts a toddler into his arms and declares: "That's your son! Be a man, take care of your son." And then Linda walks away. Is the toddler really his son? He can't go to the police because his "papers are not good." Linda rebuffs his phone calls. Lucky gets a DNA test to determine if the child is really his, and when he gets the test back he acts on the results. A note at the end of the film explains that the profanity-laced, urban street slang "was realized through improvisation and a collaborative process with all actors." Director Sean Baker does a good job of re-creating the gritty reality of how urban immigrants from all over the world live in our American cities.

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