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Portlandia (2012) — Season 2Portlandia (2012) — Season 2

           Writers-producers-stars Carrie Brownstein, who was in the indie girls rock band Sleater-Kinney for twelve years, and Fred Armisen, who starred at Saturday Night Live for ten years, continue their satirical ways in the second season of their hit television show that deconstructs the hipster culture of Portland. The mayor "works on his core" by sitting on a big, blue exerball. In one episode, overweening parents prep their son on getting into "Shooting Star Private Preschool." At the interview, his father brags, "over the years he became bigger and bigger. It's amazing!" Another skit spoofs addiction to TV. In the Allergy Pride Parade, one sign says "Bread Hurts My Head." There's a mixologist, a "zero packaging grocery store" (perfect for rats), a dog park ("this is not a share ball"), personally carved ice cubes, and a ban on plastic bags "because they cause pelican cancer." And great one liners like, "I didn't want to think of myself as someone who can't deal with tatoos." But let's be fair; Portland isn't the only place with shops like "Artisan Knots," "Oblique Coffee," and a bookstore called "Women and Women First." Seasons 1 and 2 each have six episodes, each of which is twenty minutes. I watched them all on Netflix streaming.

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