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Pina (2011) — GermanyPina (2011) — Germany

           For many years the German film maker Wim Wenders planned to make a documentary about Pina Bausch (1940–2009), a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and director, who since 1972 was famous for her direction of the Wuppertal Opera Ballet (later renamed for her). When Bausch died suddenly of cancer only a few days before shooting of that film began, Wenders turned the effort into a tribute to Bausch. The 3D film has no narration at all, and really no narrative. You don't learn anything at all about the basic facts of Bausch's life. She only appears in brief archival footage. Rather, members of the dance company offer very brief cameos about how Bausch influenced them, and then tributes of dance to honor her (some of which were her most famous pieces). Some of these modern dances are on stage in the theater, but many others are in crazy locations like on a subway, beside a swimming pool, next to an abandoned mine, in a river, etc. "Dance, dance," the film ends, with a quote by Pina, "or else we're lost."

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