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People of a Feather (2013) — InuitPeople of a Feather (2013) — Inuit

           The "people" featured in this film are the Inuit of the Belcher Islands in the Hudson Bay of the Canadian Arctic. The "feather" is that of the eider duck, which is central to their way of life. This 90-minute documentary is partly a study of how traditional life has changed for these Inuit. The cultural clashes are everywhere. They hunt by harpoons and rock slings, but also by shot guns. They travel by snow mobiles and motor boats, as well as by kayaks and sled dogs. Their small homes, when they're not in igloos, include flat screen televisions. Radios feature American rock music, to which the teenagers rap and break dance. Another narrative explores the dramatic changes in the sea ice ecosystems and ocean currents due to climate change and hydroelectric dams. There have been major die-offs of the eiders due to the changes. Their feather symbolizes the sociological and the environmental. The movie features footage from seven Arctic winters. I watched this film on Netflix Streaming.

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