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Obselidia (2010)Obselidia (2010)

           George is a lonely librarian who's convinced that "everything's in decline." He corresponds with end-time authors. In his musty apartment he collects artifacts of bygone eras. In fact, he's compiling an "encyclopedia of obsolete things" — rotary phones, the typewriter he uses, vinyl records, phone books, and especially the human species itself. He also believes that love is obsolete. That's until he meets Sophie, a film projectionist at a silent movie theater. She calls George's compilation his "obselidia." Together they drive to Death Valley to interview a famous doomsday eccentric that George wants to include in his encyclopedia, and you might imagine what the trip does to his theories about love. This delightfully quirky movie is full of nostalgia, whimsy, social commentary (is newer better?), philosophic reflection, and environmental eschatology. So if the end is coming, as it surely is, and all things are headed for oblivion, how should we then live? George and Sophie will show you the way. Obselidia earned several nominations and awards at Sundance.

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