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Moonrise Kingdom (2012)Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

           Young Sam was orphaned by his parents and rejected by his foster family. He's friendless at Boy Scout summer camp. Suzy, also age twelve, has been labeled a "troubled child." She hates her parents, who barely talk to each other, and no wonder: her mother calls the kids to dinner with a megaphone. Sam and Suzy flee their 1965 New England town to escape its oppressive adult world and find first love on a deserted island. All the crazy adults set out to rescue them. Director Wes Anderson (The Darjeeling Limited) combines adolescent melancholy, innocence, adventure befitting Robinson Crusoe, and witty humor. He has put himself into the shoes of those twelve-year-olds and tells this story of childhood from their perspective. Any former Boy Scout will affirm that he nails their vibe. This isn't a "cute" film at all; after all, a massive storm bears down on the island, befitting the angst of everyone. Rather, it's all about that mysterious vortex of childhood whirling toward adulthood. You leave the theater wondering: am I happy or sad to be an adult instead of a child? The answer isn't clear.

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