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Mitt (2014)Mitt (2014)

           Romney's political career is over, so this film is mainly a historical artifact for political junkies. The writer-director Greg Whiteley is said to have had unrestricted, behind-the-scenes access to Romney, from 2006 when he first sought the presidential nomination (and lost to McCain in 2008) until his loss to Obama in 2012. There's no narration whatsoever to the film. Rather, most all the scenes are of Romney with his extended famly. And what you see is what you've already heard, that Romney appears to be an exceptionally good, kind, and magnanimous person, that campaigns are brutal and dehumanizing, and that he had problems branding himself. Behind the public bravado necessary for campaigning, Romney comes across as brutally candid about how he was cast: "I'm the flip-flopping Mormon who'll do anything to get elected."

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