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Le Weekend (2014)Le Weekend (2014)

           Nick and Meg are a British couple who spend a weekend in Paris for their thirtieth wedding anniversary in order to see if there's anything left of their marriage except acrimony. The answer seems to be no. Meg asks, "After the kids are gone, what's left of us?" It's a painful question, for their adult son is an unemployed pothead who specializes in watching television. She berates Nick, unloads three decades of bitterness, and says she wants out. Nick has been sacked from his job as a philosophy professor, and wonders, "How'd I become such a mediocre person?" In Paris they meet Morgan, one of Nick's old friends, who offers a different perspective on a mid-life crisis. Nick and Meg aren't fun to watch, and the narrative is contrived. But for some viewers the story will cut close to the bone. The moral of the story seems to be that good enough is good enough, and that's a good thing.

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