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Inequality for All (2013)Inequality for All (2013)

           Hardly a month goes by without mention of the growing gap between the rich and poor. There are important disagreements about the causes, consequences, and solutions of radical inequality, but the reality of it is undeniable. Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor under Clinton and economics professor at Berkeley, narrates this documentary about what's happened to the American economy in the last thirty years. He has a marvelous sense of humor that defuses a divisive issue, and a passion and technical expertise about his life work. Yes, there are a welter of graphs and statistics, but also lots of good story-telling and interviews with ordinary Americans. There will always be inequality in any economy. The question, says Reich, is how much is too much? With vocal agitators from the right (Tea Party) and left (Occupy movement), it seems like we've reached that limit. What nation's economy should we imitate? Reich has the perfect answer: America in its earlier and better days.

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