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Hugo (2011)Hugo (2011)

           It's no wonder that Martin Scorsese's Hugo won five Academy Awards, for like The Artist it's a nostalgic film about films that's set in the 1930s Paris. The 12-year old orphan Hugo lives in the monstrous clock tower of the Paris train station, where he maintains the mechanical monsters. Hugo's also a gadget whiz trying to repair an "automaton" or mechanical man that is his only connection with his deceased clockmaker father. He steals food from station vendors, pilfers clock parts from shopkeepers, and is hounded by a "Station Inspector" (Sacha Cohen) with a Doberman. There's a heart-shaped key missing to the automaton, which key is provided by his new friend Isabelle, who just happens to live with her god father, the famous film maker Georges Melies. Unknown to any of them is the very special connection that Melies has to the automaton, that by the end of the movie links their lives together and helps Georges to recover long buried memories about his former life.

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