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Happy (2011)Happy (2011)

           Are you happy? What would make you happy? This documentary by writer-director Roko Belic begins in a muddy slum of Kolkata, where a rickshaw driver named Manoj Singh exudes happiness: "My home is good, we live well." He points to some sticks covered by a tarp. "When I come home from work and my son greets me, I feel like I'm not poor but the richest person in the world. My neighbors are good, we stay together, we're all friends." Belic's film then takes us to fourteen countries, including Brazil, Bhutan, Denmark, and Japan (where they have a special word, "karoshi," for people who die from overwork). The experts interviewed in the film point to simple but intentional behaviors, like family, friends, and exercise. The film then ends in Kolkata, where a former German banker named Andy Wimmer has worked at Mother Theresa's Home for the Destitute and Dying for seventeen years. Why? Because it's so fulfilling. This film is full of powerful life wisdom. I watched it on Netflix Streaming.

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