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Gloria (2013) — ChileGloria (2013) — Chile

           Gloria enjoys a good life in Santiago. She has an upscale job, a nice apartment with a housekeeper, and adult kids who enjoy her company. She's been amicably divorced for thirteen years. But in her mid-fifties creeping questions about love and loneliness nag at her. She doesn't need a boyfriend, but she sure would like one. She meets Rodolfo at a disco, and although a sort of love blossoms, any new beginning at their age must grapple with the past. We all have our histories, and no one starts with a blank slate. She meets a second (nameless) man at a second disco with a worse result. Reality bites hard for Gloria, but in the end she recovers her equilibrium, or so we hope. Paulina Garcia won Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival for her portrayal of Gloria. The film was also Chile's official submission to the Oscars 2014 for best foreign language film. In Spanish with English sub-titles.

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