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Fury (2014)Fury (2014)

           Brad Pitt stars as a tank commander named "Wardaddy" in this World War II drama, but the real focus is on Norm, a skinny new kid who joins them as a forward gunner. Norm was trained as a clerk typist, had eight weeks of basic training, and no combat experience. Thrown in with these hardened warriors, he's scared to death as they battle behind enemy lines. He wants to keep his hands and conscience clean, but that is not to be. The message of this movie, if there is one, is when Wardaddy tells Norm, "ideals are peaceful, history is violent." The movie reminded me of the aphorism of William Sloan Coffin, former chaplain at Yale, who once said that "war turns some boys into men; and it turns others into animals." In his New Yorker review, David Denby said this was one of the greatest war movies ever, "a kind of war horror film, which is, of course, what good combat films should be."

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