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Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome, and the Kingdom of God (2008) Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome, and the Kingdom of God (2008)

           These 12 episodes in 2 DVDs by the New Testament scholars Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan are culled from their many pilgrimage tours to Turkey. The production quality isn't bad, but it's quite informal. Crossan introduces each 20-minute episode with an overview, then we join the tour group as the camera features the incredible sites among the archaeological ruins, and then the last 15 minutes or so feature the group's evening lecture. If you've read Borg and Crossan you'll be familiar with most of the content. They link Jesus and Paul together in continuity against the hubris and power of imperial Rome. In contrast to a kingdom of Rome led by a divine caesar and characterized by peace through military violence and domination, the Christian story celebrates a kingdom of God founded on justice. If Jesus is Lord, then caesar is not Lord. Borg and Crossan have their own opinions, correcting Luke's errant views about Paul, to take one example, but I still enjoyed watching the series in an adult education forum at church. For this title and others in the "progressive" Christianity series, see

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