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Dig! (2004)Dig! (2004)

A friend of mine once observed, partly from personal experience, that behind every great person there often lay a trail of human wreckage. In this energetic documentary about two 1960s-revivalist rock music groups—the Brian Jonestown Massacre led by Anton Newcombe, and the Dandy Warhols led by Courtney Taylor—that dictum proves true. Taken from over 2,000 hours of original footage, the resulting 107 minutes take you on the scene and behind the scenes of the bands, record executives, fans, roadies, drug binges, police arrests, and concerts across the United States, Europe and Japan. Newcombe in particular is a tragic mix of manic energy, musical genius, and abusive dysfunction. I could hardly believe it when the end of the film indicated he was still alive and had independently produced twelve CDs (no one would work with him). "Linkouts" on the main DVD allow you to view extended deleted scenes. This is a great film to view if you feel, like I sometimes do, that you are "out of it" when it comes to the contemporary rock music scene.

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