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David Blaine: Fearless (2002)David Blaine: Fearless (2002)

Pick a card, put it back in the deck, then splatter the deck of cards against a store window. The card you chose stuck to the inside of the window and now faces out toward you. Or the same trick but the card ends up inside the firefighter's shoe, or in the kid's back pocket. David Blaine (born 1973) has taken his act to the streets, whether to the locker room of the Dallas Cowboys, ghetto kids, vacationers, or to every day people in the Mojave Desert and even Haiti. His feats of physical endurance are weird, like placing his palm on the pavement then rotating his body 225 degrees, or standing upright in a block of ice for 62 hours in Times Square. His mind-reading tricks are even weirder, like asking you to think of an important person, then having that name appear as a tattoo on his chest underneath his shirt. These tricks are amazing, but at 110 minutes the film drags. Fearless collects Blaine's three ABC television specials called "Street Magic" (1996), "Magic Man" (1998), and "Frozen in Time" (2000). Everyone knows that these tricks have an explanation, but the reward in viewing them is all in the reactions of the spectator-participants, which in Blaine's up close and personal style is off the charts.

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