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Blue Jasmine (2013)Blue Jasmine (2013)

           There's very little that's funny in Woody Allen's new film about Jasmine (Cate Blanchett), a wreck of a woman who's way more than blue. She's delusional and despicable, a liar and a snob, who's now unhinged. In her former life she was a wealthy socialite in New York City, thanks to her husband Hal (Alec Baldwin). But Hal was a crook and philanderer who was convicted, jailed, and took his own life. Having lost everything, Jasmine tries to start over in San Francisco with her estranged sister Ginger. The two women were both adopted into the same family, but that's all they have in common. Ginger is a grocery store clerk who's happy with her construction worker husband and down scale apartment. Jasmine can't drink enough vodka, pop too many pills, or make too many self-destructive decisions. She's a needy and neurotic narcissist. In the last scene she's sitting on a park bench mumbling to herself. She's the object of our fascination, pity, and scorn, all at the same time.

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