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Bill Cunningham New York (2010)Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

           For thirty years Bill Cunningham (b. 1928) has bicycled around New York City in his beret and safety vest in order to photograph the fashions not just of the famous but of everyday people. Yes, he's entirely comfortable on the front row of the catwalks of New York and Paris, and at the philanthropic galas at the Met. But "the best fashion," he says, "is on the street, always has been and always will be." Aficionados of the New York Times will know his column called "On the Street." One week it might feature fanny packs, another week baggy or saggy pants, denim skirts, or bell bottoms. He's never taken money, owned a television, refuses all food and drink at galas, lived in a microscopic studio until he was evicted, and goes to church every Sunday. This documentary is barely ninety minutes long, but it captures the intensely private yet effusively professional Bill Cunningham. I watched this film on Netflix instant streaming.

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