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All Is Lost (2013)All Is Lost (2013)

           Robert Redford (age 77) plays a nameless man stranded alone 1700 miles from land in the Indian Ocean after his sail boat bashes into a shipping container (that leaks tennis shoes made in China). He's not only nameless, and the only character in the film, but also speechless — he only speaks two or three times throughout the movie, and these are futile screams at his desperate fate. There are sharks, storms, leaks, and cargo ships that ignore him. The only thing we know about this character comes at the beginning of the film when he writes a short note of regret to his family. And now, adrift at sea, and despite his considerable heroics, he faces his own mortality due to the forces of nature, absurdity, and perhaps his own stupidity. This film got great reviews, but I thought it was just good enough. It's hard to look like a bedraggled castaway lost at sea when you're Robert Redford.

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