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with Jesus

           I was suckered into watching this horrible film because on the DVD cover Roger Ebert described it as "one of the best films of the year." I could not disagree more; after watching it I was still searching for "a plot at the end of the film." What plot there is I found entirely unbelievable. Bobby Powell grew up smoking pot, which he introduces to his high school friend Jonathan, and to Jonathan's mother Alice. He also shared sex with Jonathan and an erotic flirtation with Alice. When Jonathan and Bobby meet years later as adults, Bobby fathers a child with Clare, Jonathan's live-in friend with purple hair. Bobby claims, "I just want everyone to be happy." The "family" of four moves to Woodstock where they open a cafe. But did we not learn from that generation, if not from our HIV generation, that so-called free love, sex and drugs are very expensive? Only in a Hollywood movie could such a bizarre picture be portrayed as idyllic.

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