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Tangerines (2014)—Estonia and GeorgiaTangerines (2014)—Estonia and Georgia

This film, which was a joint project of the two former Soviet republics that are now independent countries, was nominated for Best Foreign Film at both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.  It tells the story of an Estonian man named Ivo.  When war broke out in the Central Asian country in 1992 between the Georgians and the breakaway Abkhazians, virtually all the Estonians returned to their Baltic homeland.  Ivo stayed behind to harvest his tangerines.  Then a skirmish on his property brought two wounded warriors under his roof—a Chechen mercenary named Ahmed and a Georgian named Niko.  They are the bitterest of ethnic enemies.  Will Ivo's healing hospitality help them to recover their humanity?  Or will their hatred and revenge prevail?  In Russian and Estonian.  I watched this film on Amazon Instant Streaming.

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