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Brave Blue World (2019)Brave Blue World (2019)

Our global water crisis isn't merely imminent; it's here, it's now, and it's global. About a quarter of the world's population has no safe and reliable drinking water. In California where I live, droughts and mandatory water restrictions have become common. In Flint, Michigan, lead has contaminated the municipal water supply. In many third world countries, children don't go to school because they must spend all day securing water for the family. But as this one-hour British documentary shows, many of these problems of sanitation, scarcity, contamination, and pollution are not necessary or inevitable. The major portion of this inspirational movie features about twenty visionaries and innovators all over the world who are pioneering new ways to manage water, in agriculture, industry, villages, and private homes. Sometimes this calls for "scaling up" to big solutions, but more often than not it requires "scaling down" to locally appropriate responses to particular conditions. In our "brave blue world," we all have responsibilities and opportunities to make a difference. I watched this film on Netflix.

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