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Seeking Shelter smSeeking Shelter: A Story of Place, Faith, and Resistance (2017)

I discovered this little gem of a film (30 minutes) in Bill Wylie-Kellermann's book Celebrant's Flame (2021) about Daniel Berrigan. The movie tells the story of Block Island (part of Rhode Island), which is a one-hour ferry ride from New York City, and the role that the unique setting of the island and its people played in the lives of Daniel Berrigan and his close friend William Stringfellow. When Berrigan was convicted of federal crimes for acts of civil disobedience, he went underground, eventually finding a safe and secret harbor in Stringfellow's Block Island home. But as the film shows, the house in particular and the island in general have a broader and richer history in the story of Stringfellow, Berrigan, and their many friends who discovered a sacred space there for many decades. Director Sue Hagedorn directed this film, and has just completed a feature-length film in 2021 called The Berrigans: Devout and Dangerous. You can watch Seeking Shelter here:

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