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ZZ Top (2019)ZZ Top (2019)

Here's a trick question for music buffs: what's the longest surviving rock lineup of all time? This documentary answers that question. The "little ole band from Texas" ZZ Top has been together for over 50 years now and, if you believe the movie, still goes to the studio to make new music. There are even rumors of a forthcoming album. Even if you have never heard of ZZ Top, you would likely recognize them and their music: their iconic sound and trademark beards, topped off by sun glasses. ZZ Top, it turns out, did three things really well. First, they discovered their own sound. In their case, they took Texas blues and played it like party rock and roll, a big, bold sound with amps on overdrive. Then, they embraced their Texas roots with pride instead of trying to transcend them (as did another Texan, Janis Joplin). One of the members is 7th-generation Texas. One of their concert tours featured livestock on stage. Finally, they were willing to experiment, against all advice. This included a stroke of good luck timing, as their willingness to experiment coincided with something newly revolutionary in that day — "music video," as in MTV. According to wikipedia, ZZ Top has released 15 studio albums and sold an estimated 50 million albums worldwide. I watched this film on Netflix.

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