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Saint John the Baptist: From Birth to Beheading (2014, 10 episodes)—BritainSaint John the Baptist: From Birth to Beheading (2014, 10 episodes)—Britain

For at least four years the art historian Jennifer Sliwka and theologian Ben Quash taught a collaborative MA between the National Gallery and King’s College London that focused on Christianity and the arts in general, and in particular on the figure of John the Baptist. By one count, the National Gallery holds at least 120 figures of John the Baptist. One spin-off of that collaboration was this series of ten videos that draw upon the Gallery's masterpieces about that famous forerunner crying in the wilderness. They explore who he was, why he was important, and what he might mean for us today. Of special note, each of the videos is about 8–10 minutes long, which make them perfect for viewing on site in an adult ed class at church, with followup discussion. The ten themes include an Introduction, Visitation, Martyrdom, the Baptist's Head, Birth and Naming, Infancy, Wilderness, Baptism, Preaching, and then Power and Judgment. And a true confession: I binge-watched all ten episodes in a single session.  They are that good. To watch this series of ten episodes, click here:

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