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A Teachable Moment (2018)A Teachable Moment (2018)

About every 40 seconds someone has a stroke that radically alters their life. That's about 800,000 people a year, including two of my next door neighbors. This one-hour documentary explains the science of what happens during a stroke — the loss of blood flow to the brain, the three main signs of a stroke (facial weakness, slurred speech, loss of motor control), risk factors, common treatments, post event complications like depression, and practical advice about lifestyle choices that will minimize the likelihood of a stroke (diet, exercise, stress management). The movie focuses on four stroke survivors who tell their different stories despite their similar medical condition. Mark is a successful businessman turned stroke survivor and activist. Roderick represents an uninsured, self-made symbol for recovery after two strokes. Anne is a mother, wife and lawyer running to keep control of her future. Lee is a family man reborn to a healthier, more fulfilled life after three strokes. In the words of the film's website, this movie aims to "empower viewers with the knowledge that strokes are preventable, treatable and beatable." For more on this important subject see the American Stroke Association. I watched this film on Amazon streaming.

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