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The Providers (2019)The Providers (2019)

This PBS "Independent Lens" documentary examines the shortage of physicians in rural America by asking a hard question: does your zip code determine your health? The story takes place at a small group of health care clinics called El Centro that are based in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where anyone who walks in will get care regardless of insurance, condition, or ability to pay. Per capita income in the community is $15,481. Of course, we're drawn to the plights of the patients as we watch the home care visits and the checkups, but the film also shows how the health care providers themselves struggle against tremendous odds to make a genuine difference in the lives of those who have been left behind in our health care system. Matt Probst is a physician assistant, Leslie Hayes is a family doctor, and Chris Ruge is a nurse practitioner. They are truly angels of mercy. In 2016, 70,000 deaths in rural America could have been prevented with better access to health care. These are truly the invisible people of our country.

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