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The Mustang (2019)The Mustang (2019)

This redemption drama written and directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (Robert Redford was the executive producer) debuted at the 2019 Sundance festival, after which it opened nationwide to generally positive reviews. In the first few minutes we're introduced to the two protagonists, both of which are caged wild animals. Out in the Nevada desert, thumping helicopters corral wild horses for their prison rehabilitation program. One of the horses, who will be named Marquis, is paired with an inmate named Roman Coleman. Coleman is a violent convict who has been transferred to the prison after 12 years elsewhere. When he says to the prison therapist that he is "not good with people," she assigns him to the "outdoor maintenance program" that matches inmates with a wild horse that they learn to train and ride. Coleman is estranged from his daughter, who on one prison visit asks him, "you think ridin' horses can change things?" Well, the answer is given by the crusty cowpoke who heads the program: "Some wild horses can be broke, and some can't."

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